The house guests getting scared tonight

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"You’re going to be the most wanted homosexual in the country after this. You’re funny and hot and you’re Ariana Grande’s brother, what else do you need? Wait, I forgot, you’re extremely smart too."

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The fact that you still love me as much as you do, if not more, makes me very happy. 

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"I could swallow that."

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Zach and Frankie in the HOH room last night, Zach jamming out to Christine’s music, and Zach having the “If I was gay” conversation again. 

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i think that as long as peyton loves frankie then everything will be fine in terms of the zankie friendship when the show ends. zach loves his little broski more than anyone and if peyton doesn’t like someone then that’s a huuuge problem. i think that peyton’s opinion is the only one that matters to zach.


so i mean i think we’re good

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literally one touch from kyungsoo and they all snap back into line

I feel like kyungsoo should be the leader instead beacause everyone is already scared of him

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