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Sehun Jealousy? (Taohun)


(I ship Taohun, it’s obvious enough. I legit think they have something going on…and I have a gay brother so I’m familiar with these kinds of interactions >__>)

I think Sehun is constantly jealous of Tao and Kai’s interactions. Let me further explain:

Tao hugs Kai cause…




There’s a very drunk man down my street who has been flirting with a tree for twenty minutes now.  

He’s on his knees now. I think he’s proposing. 

Drunk man currently walking away from the tree, shouting “YOU’RE ALL THE SAME”. 

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short summary of taehyung and coolio’s relationship thus far 

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Ask and you shall receive! Here is part 2 of a look into Kyungsoo’s diary

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Zach: He thinks that you have me under like a spell, i’m not saying anything, it’s kinda true. 
Frankie: It’s just because we’re in love.
Zach: It’s because we’re in love.

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Frankie: You should just tell him we’re having gay sex, tell him we’re in love.
Zach: I should just admit it, right?

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Frankie: Christine's not stupid.
Zach: I don't think she's as smart as you think she is, but go on.
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